Notes from Bill Donahue

In case you missed the last Leadership Development night on 1/30, let me give you the basic idea. Bill Donahue spoke to us on the topic of developing apprentice leaders in our Journey Groups. Our Journey Groups are the most fertile ground for new leaders. This matters because of what we value - people connecting in community so that they grow in their relationships with God and others. Because we value this so strongly, we will be driven to develop new leaders so that more and more people can connect in a Journey Group. Here are the notes I took during Bill's talk. Also, if you haven't picked up your copy of Bill Donahue's book Leading Life Changing Small Groups, stop by the Journey Group booth in the atrium some Sunday and grab one (1 per group). He focuses on this topic in section 3 of the book. It's great stuff!

UncategorizedDave Irwin