Don't forget the fun!

I don't know about you, but I want to be in the kind of Journey Group that laughs easily and often. There are certainly times when the group will be serious and maybe even somber, but hopefully that's not all the time. Having fun can be one of the greatest ways to lower our relational walls and help us open up with others. With that in mind, let me suggest a couple resources to help your group have fun... One great resource is website designed for student ministry (they definitely know fun). Their list of games and "crowd breakers" can be a great way to open your journey group time. Check out the website and see which ones your group might love to play.

Another great resource for fun is the "Minute To Win It" website. This TV show is a competition based on completing tasks within a 60 second window. Some tasks are simple and some seem to be based much more on chance than skill. It could be a lot of fun to pick on of these games and see which couple or person can do it the fastest or finish first. Check out their website for a list of games and supplies needed.

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