Lighten my Load as a Journey Group Leader

Just trying to get some good ideas out to many of our Journey Group Leaders who may have missed last Sunday's celebration. First of all if you couldn't make it, I wanted to pass on my gratitude to you for serving your Journey Group this past year. We celebrated with stories, smoothies and some encouraging words from our Lead Pastor Mark Ashton.

I wanted to make sure you saw this sheet that Mark covered with us when we where together. As we are wrapping up a year of Journey Group leading, it's a great time to think about inviting others into leadership. Here are a few great thoughts from Mark on how to develop an apprentice.

First of all, you need to be selective. Who in your group fits Mark's criterion here:

Yes, you are looking for someone who spells FATTER! A great potential leader fits this profile!

Second thing Mark outlines are the steps you'll want to take to gradually bring that individual into leadership and ownership of the group.

The last and most important step: Keep looking for Apprentices in your group even if you've already found one. As your group grows it will push the need for more leaders and co-leaders. Keep looking for leaders! As you model giving away leadership, those you invite into leadership will learn that same skill from you!

I'll pull this sheet out again in a future post to talk about the other idea here: How do I actually divide my group?

Be looking for potential leaders in your groups and get their name to me and/or Dave Irwin! Thanks!