JG leaders and this opportunity

Cosmic Fingerprints
A couple of suggestions here on how you can help us promote Cosmic Fingerprints. The very best thing you can do is decide to go yourself! Till you’re over that hump, it’s hard to invite anyone else!

Now that that’s settled… what’s a good strategy for multiplying my impact as a leader? The next best thing you can do is ask your Journey Group about it next time you meet. Tap your group and find out who is excited about it and why. Ask the group to be praying for the event. Encourage everyone to think about who they can invite.

Look up tips for reaching out on the Spiritual Discovery Blog at: http://cccomaha.org/spiritualDiscovery/blog/index.php

Make a good ask this week, then follow-up on it next week! The easiest ask is to the Friday night Fingerprints Coffee house in the gym. If the person you invite is really, really interested, don’t hesitate to invite them for the whole weekend!

Last…a few FAQs we’re getting that you may want to clarify with your group:
1-Friday night’s coffee house is free! No need to register, just come on out, listen to David Potter for a while, grab some coffee and tune in.
2-Saturday’s workshop is not free! Check out the registration tool at the bottom of the event page on the web: http://cccomaha.org/events/cosmic.php
3-The workshop adult track (college age and up) is $30 and the youth track (jr high and high school) is $20. A couple of breaks on the cost are being offered. The max a family will pay is $50 (everyone over one adult and one kid is free). Also, if you or your kids invite a seeker, we want to make their registration a gift to them. E-mail Tim Perry and request a guest pass or pick one up at the Atrium this Sunday.
4-Feel free to call, e-mail or swing by the booth in the Atrium and talk to Tim Perry if you have questions. timp@cccomaha.org .

The spiritual discovery blog has a few different threads on who will be presenting at Cosmic Fingerprints, how to leverage the opportunity, etc. I encourage you to check it out. As a Journey Group leader you might catch a few questions that you'll want to be ready to answer.

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