tips from the other guys out there

Since I wear the Journey Group hat around here I'm always looking for what we need to do next, how to lead better, what changes do we need to make (even though some people hate that word..."change"), what are our groups really doing, are RISKS disciples really being formed in our midst, etc.

Here are a few things that Craig Groeschel, Lead Pastor of said recently on a blog post. Thought I'd share them with you, the other fearless leaders on the frontlines of Journey Group realities...

Elements of a Successful Group from : swerve by Craig Groeschel
Over the years, Amy and I have participated in several different small groups. Some were much more successful than others.
Here are the elements we’ve found essential for a great group:

1. A great group needs a leader. When everyone is always voting on what we do next, we never do much. A good leader makes for a good group.

2. A great group is built around God’s word. Too often, small groups become all about fellowship. While fellowship is always essential, doing life around God’s word is what truly makes the difference.

3. A great group is a safe group. If people can’t discuss openly without fear of judgment, rejection, or gossip, the group is doomed to fail.

4. A great group looks outward. Serving together is life-changing.

5. A great group births new groups. If a group stays together for too long, they usually grow stale. Healthy groups produce new groups.

6. A great group takes breaks. We often take the summer off from consistent meetings. We’re all busy. The break makes us long to be together more.

7. A great group hurts together. I just got off the phone after talking to a young woman with four children who just lost her 39-year-old husband. Even though she is devastated, she told me confidently that her Life Group would be there for her. God is glorified through such a group.
Have you been part of a successful small group? What do you think made that group successful?

Sharing the wealth as I reflect...dusty