every week DNA with a week off

As many of you know, in conjunction with the second busiest time of the year for Journey Group interest at CCC, Jaci I launched a new Journey Group at the start of the new 2009 calendar year.

The format that we're using is awesome for so many reasons...

We meet every Tuesday night, except for the first Tuesday of the month. In other words, we meet 3 times a month. Considering the 4 months out of the year that have 5 weeks we'll do something different around serving the local community or just go do something different... In our experience, we've decided that this is a perfect format for two main reasons: 1) it is consistent week to week/easy to plan for, and thus creates some consistent community along with week to week discipleship conversations, 2) it puts a scheduled "breather" on the radar for everyone in the group.

7PM to 8:30PM / 90 minutes of "official" time

Also, if everyone shows up for our Journey Group with their kids, we have a great night. Check out the post titled "17 kids without (much) chaos" for the format on how we tackle the "childcare/kid thing."

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