super bowl = super easy

This Sunday rings in the annual American holiday - Super Bowl XLIII. The Super Bowl presents a super easy opportunity for us to maximize the opportunity of building community in our living rooms, rec rooms, neighbor's houses, etc.
Especially if you're an 'every other week' Journey Group, I encourage you to take advantage of this idea. In a lot of our conversations with leaders who meet every other week, one of the number one concerns is the amount of knowability and community within the group members. We all know that a lack of decent community can cause a long delay in anything "taking off" for that group. Is your group in that boat? Even if it isn't any Journey Group leader is looking for a "breather" from the norm to create something in order to lead in the right direction.
So, buy some refreshments, invite your JG folks over, and turn on the TV. I'm personally not a big TV person, and now that I don't live in California or Minnesota (anymore) I'm not a big NFL guy either. Call me "fair weather" or "bandwagon" or whatever you want. Regardless of my lack of TV cravings or NFL following, I still want to figure out how to shoot out some invites to our Journey Group so that we can "hang" during the super bowl...regardless of whether or not we really watch it.
This is perfect for our group. We meet every Tuesday night except for the first Tuesday of the month (this coming Tuesday) so this Sunday naturally plays into our schedule. Plus, maybe some of the spouses that don't come to our Journey Group will come out for a Super Bowl party.
At the end of the day, we all know that things like the Super Bowl couch conversations can create Journey Group dynamics that "we just can't make happen." Kick back, eat some salsa (did I just encourage that?!) and pray for some great conversations among your people.
By the way, what two teams are even in the Super Bowl?
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