Transformed lives in Mali

From Jake Tillett, co-worker of Carey Schlieker at the Koutiala Hospital in Mali. Pierre came to know the Lord last year after talking with some pastors who were visiting his village. Pierre has had a long-term bone infection that just wouldn't go away, so the pastors sent him to our hospital for treatment. His condition required him to be seen in the clinic every day, but he didn't need to stay in the hospital, so he took up residence in our guest house which serves patients like him. Because he was a new believer, several of us, including the hospital chaplain, spent time discipling him. He eventually learned to read and got a Bible.

A few months later, another young man, Amadou, came to live in our hospital guest house in order to get physical therapy and treatment for a muscle disease. Amadou came from a village that has no Christians, and though he'd heard the Gospel during the showing of the Jesus film by one of our evangelism teams, he really hadn't spent much time with any Christians. He and Pierre quickly became friends, and after some time together, Amadou really began to consider the Gospel. He asked Pierre if he could become a Christian. He has also gone on to learn to read and now has a Bible that he carries with him everywhere.

The two of them started (and maintain) a prayer group for patients at the hospital, praying together every morning and evening. Really neat to see the Lord transforming the lives of these young men.

Continue to pray for both of them. Pierre's treatment is almost over and he will head home. Amadou's condition is not curable with what we have here in Mali, so we are asking the Lord for miraculous intervention.


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