105 Pastors and leaders trained in Ephesians

A few weeks ago I traveled with a team from CCC who went to the Far East (sorry, can't mention the country, but you know where it is) to train Pastors and church leaders. Here are a few of my thoughts. Since this blog is on the Internet, I of course can't say too much about our recent travels. Ten of us from CCC left on November 5th for a far-away land to meet our brothers and sisters in Christ. During this week we met some of the most amazing followers of Jesus, men and women who lay it all on the line every day to follow their faith in a place that sees them as dangerous. They are hungry for Gods word and they are hungry to know how to lead their small churches better.

We invited 60 Pastors and leaders to attend but we though maybe a few more would come so we expected 70. A whopping 105 showed up and crammed into two rooms all week as they studied the book of Ephesians together.

"I would rather our churches stay small and secret, because this gives us life. If we had a large building and could worship in the open, I'm concerned we would become soft." This is what one Pastor told me when I asked him if he ever desired to have his own church building.

"My greatest struggle is materialism. I want to have nicer things but I know this will pull me away from being the kind of Pastor God wants me to be." This said by another Pastor when I asked him what his greatest struggle is as a Christian. He is a Pastor who lives in poverty and has just enough to survive as he tries to minister to his flock.

"Unity! This is the biggest problem facing our churches. We are divided over many issues so please pray for us." I guess this is why Paul talks so much about the need for unity in the New Testament, as he knew this would be a plague on followers of Jesus everywhere.

One of the biggest things that stood out to me was they are so much like us, and we are so much like them. They love their families, they struggle with wordliness, they need the Holy Spirit to guide them, and of course, they love Jesus.

We will have many more opportunities in 2012 to teach Pastors and leaders in this far-away land, so if you are able to teach the Word and are interested in this opportunity, please shoot me an email at craigw@cccomaha.org. We will be having an information meeting for those interested on Sunday, December 4th that I would love to tell you more about.

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