Wild at Heart Men's Retreat

We have two more weeks to go in the Wild at Heart men's class on Sunday mornings. There have been 64 guys participating in the class and learning a lot about the masculine journey. Last weekend was the retreat in the bluffs of Iowa! There were 26 guys from the class that enjoyed good food, fun adventures like a night hike to the abandoned cabin, recording a Scripture journal while in the woods and fishing. The discussion groups went deeper into addressing two of the major themes of the class, the "wound" and "healing the wound." We had several "Chuck Norris" award nominees: Craig Ones for hiking at night in shorts and sleeping outside on the deck. Phil Bredehoft and Mark Quandahl for jumping into the lake. Kevin Peterson for eating a raw bass filet and Curt Hofer for sleeping on the roof and driving around in his 6 wheeled ATV. All had a great time with God, friends and awesome weather!
UncategorizedReid Brown