Harvest Hoedown in Village One

In talking with Josh Dotzler, one of the Pastors at Bridge Church in North Omaha, children in North Omaha do one of two things on Halloween night: they either stay home because its unsafe to walk around their own neighborhood or they get in the car and go out to West Omaha where its more safe. This discussion caused us to put our heads together to come up with what we believe is a God-inspired idea. This Halloween, we want to bless the children in North Omaha by giving them a safe place to have fun while exposing them to something that is quite the opposite of Halloween - the good news about Jesus Christ.

CCC will host a huge Halloween party inside Bridge Church for the children and families in Village One - called Harvest Hoedown. Most of the families in Village One heard of Bridge Church for the first time on September 25th when we invaded the neighborhood with good works and acts of love. Now they will have opportunity to step inside of Bridge Church for the first time.

We need 25 volunteers who can work at the Harvest Hoedown itself, and we need another 50 volunteers who will be willing to canvas the neighborhood door-to-door the day before Halloween, on Sunday, October 30th. This group will go to each house, hand out a bag of candy and some information about the Harvest Hoedown, and extend a personal invitiation if they have children.

Interested in volunteering? Send an email immediately to Eric Carpenter at ericc@cccomaha.org or give him a call at (402) 936-1538.

Craig Walter, Missions Pastor

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