Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello Christ Community Church! My name is Elvin Torres. I am the new campus pastor at our Sarpy Campus and I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself. I grew up in New York City and moved to Omaha in the mid 1990's when I had the opportunity to live at Boys Town until I graduated high school. It was during my years at BT that Jesus saved me, gave me a new life and changed me forever. After high school I attended UNK in Kearney where I met my beautiful wife, Becky. We were married during our sophomore year and had our first daughter, Trinity, in our Junior year. Yeah, I know....crazy!

Since that time we have been married nearly 13 years and have had 3 more kids. Trinity is turning 12 on Thursday, Keenan is 9, Lydia is 6 going on 16, and little Chloe is 2 1/2.

I would love to have a long list of hobbies listed here but after loving Jesus, loving Becky, loving the kids, loving my neighbors and loving my church there doesn't seem to be tons of room for video games.

God has taken us through a whirlwind adventure the past dozen years which included starting new ministries in Kearney, moving to Chicago and back again, and now being the campus pastor Christ Community Church - Sarpy.

I am excited about what God has in store for us and look forward to sharing what God is doing in me as I seek to gain more of him and lead CCC-sarpy in Making Disciples for Kingdom Impact.

I realize this is an anemic introduction, but I don't want give it allow away in one blog post. Until next time!

By His Grace. For His Glory,


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