Make Disciples who do the mission of Jesus.

Coming to you again from K. C. Sentralized missional church leadership conference. Tonight we're listening to Mike Breen talk through his ideas. I'll try to give you a bit of it here.

Mike begins asking: Could it be that we have left the age of the Soldier and Athlete and are now in the age of the Farmer and the Engineer? Consider how the gifts of the soldier and the athlete have a pioneering impact on taking new ground. Yet it is the farmer and the engineer who have to take over to create that which is sustainable.

Are we willing to integrate these four images in our sense of mission to places where the kingdom of Jesus is unknown? Mike describes his early efforts to reach the streets of Brixton ghetto, London. Awkward, halting and even hilarious he slowly saw God use the efforts of some his Anglican Church members to reach people and bring transformation through the Gospel.

Mike goes on to say how his early efforts were focused only on the soldier/athlete image - charging up the hill, taking ground, but not planting anything or building anything. As his work has grown over the years he's emphasized the need to build a deeper disciple. He had to learn to leave something more than just a frantic plunge toward the needs of a community. He learned to impart missional DNA to the people God led him to.

Mike is wrapping up with some heartfelt exhortation to the group of approx. 600 church leaders gathered here. "Leave something greater than yourselves. Something that will last." Grow things that bear fruit. Build things that last.

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