What is the Mission of the Church?

Down here in Kansas City at the Sentralized Missional Leadership conference listening to Dr. Michael Frost. "The mission of the people of God is not first and foremost to make the Church bigger. The mission of the people of God is to proclaim and demonstrate the reign of God. Could it be that we have become preoccupied with the tools God has given us (community, worship, Bible study, training, etc) and forgotten the real purpose of God's people? What is the Gospel? It's the active reign of God in all the world! Like a movie trailer, the Church should be a visible sample of God's cosmic aim - the regeneration of all things in his son Jesus. Churches will grow when we learn our true purpose and expose the world around us to it!"

I'm sitting next to Steve Walters along with a number of other CCC leaders. We'll try to keep you posted over the next couple of days. Looks like it will be a great time!

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