Jesus made famous in Village One

The first day of our CCC energy and focus in the North Omaha community we call Village One started this last Sunday. Over 600 of you mowed lawns, painted houses, painted Bridge Church, started demoltion inside the Village One Mission home, and more. Then it all concluded with an amazing neighborhood block party at Franklin Elementary School that exceeded our wildest expectations. Its hard to say exactly how many people came, but we conservatively estimate 500 from the local neighborhood not including people from CCC. That was about double what we were hoping for - so Praise God!

So what is the Kingdom fruit? Well, only God knows for sure, but here is what we do know. Most of the people in Village One do not know about Bridge Church even though its only 5 blocks away. So hundreds of families are now aware of this place called Bridge Church and where its located. More importantly, the name of Jesus was made famous on this day as dozens of people from CCC stopped by about 200 homes and prayed with people in Jesus name. Finally, our light shined brightly as God blessed people in the community through CCC as they were showed love and attention.

Ron Smith, one of the leaders at Bridge Church said to me after the block party, "Kids in this community don't even know what it means to have fun like this. You guys blessed their socks off!"

Below are some great pictures from Village One. Be looking for many more opportunities to serve, starting in October.

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