Around Town

Earlier this month, I wrote about the merger of Core and Coram Deo. In this recent video, Bob Thune and Ethan Burmeister share about what brought the two churches together. It's another example of churches and people doing something for the greater good of the community. Something that betters the city of Omaha. It's not about bringing glory to oneself or to a church.

It's one reason why I like Christ Community Church's partnership with Bridge Church. It's helping out another church that already has influence in its community. CCC doesn't have the influence in North Omaha that Bridge does, but both churches want the same thing. So why not help Bridge out in reaching and serving the people in its area? It strengthens unity amongst area churches and people, it better serves people in the community, and it's a tremendous reflection of Jesus.

Churches coming together to represent Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God. Brilliant.