digging ditches in Village One

A few weeks ago we announced to the CCC congregation that we have entered into a long-term partnership with Bridge Church, an African-American church located in North Omaha, to be a light for Jesus in some neighborhoods that we call Village One. Recently I have had a few people ask me a very important question - "What are we really doing in Village One and how will we know if we have been successful?" So let me take a stab at answering those questions right here.

First, I don't really know what we're doing in Village One. What I mean is that God has not revealed to us yet exactly where our ministry in this part of North Omaha will go, but I do believe he has called us to be there for this season of ministry and he has called us to be committed. I do know that our goal is to attract people into the arms of Jesus through Bridge Church. This means when people see us being salt and light in Village One, Bridge Church will be their landing place where they can find Jesus and grow as a disciple.

Now let me tackle the second question - "How will we know if we are successful?" Let me use a Bible story to illustrate the answer. There is a great story in 2 Kings chapter 3 where the armies of Israel and Judah went out to pursue some bad guys but after running around the desert for 7 days they ran out of water. So the prophet Elisha directed them to dig a series of ditches between themselves and the enemy and he said there would be no rain and no wind, yet in the morning those ditches would be filled with water. Sure enough, during the night these ditches were miraculously filled with water.

This is what we are called to do in Village One. God is not asking us to bring about the results, he is just asking us to dig, by faith, ditches so he can fill them with water. He is asking us to Step Into Village One and be a light for Jesus, but he will do the real miracle of drawing people to himself.

The digging starts this Sunday! Pray for for good weather.

Craig Walter, Missions Pastor

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