CCC container arrives in Mali

For many years now Mali, West Africa has been a country at the center of CCC's heart. We built a hospital for Women & Children that opened in 2006 and was finished this last year. Now our primary role for the hospital is to send medical supplies via large sea containers. Just this last May we sent them a sea container that held medical supplies, a tractor, and an abundant supply of toilet paper, cereal and paper towels.

The Malians were truly blessed from the generosity of CCC. The bountiful supply of toilet paper that was sent has overstocked the hospital along with missionaries receiving their own personal stash. Also, each employee will receive four rolls of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, and candy that was sent in the container.

Continue to pray for the country of Mali and the work that God is doing across the world!!

UncategorizedCraig Walter