CCC blesses Teachers in Village One

CCC is embarking on a significant new ministry in the Village One area of North Omaha. Village One is the name of the many neighborhoods that surround CCC Compass Ministries located at 33rd & Franklin Street. As today was the first day of school for Teachers at Omaha Public Schools, we decided to bless the teachers and workers at Franklin Elementary School with a small gift bag to show our appreciation for their hard work. Franklin is located in Village One and is just 2 blocks to the West of Compass.

Led by Eric Carpenter, a group of people from CCC put together gift bags for 49 school teachers, administrators, and other staff and delivered them in person early this Monday morning.

Say a quick prayer today for Franklin - for their teachers and their students - that this would be their best year yet and that God would bless their school and community in amazing ways.

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