Online Campus Countdown / Prayer Requests

"It's already August?!" It's a bit cliche to say, but it is true how fast the year seemingly goes by. For me, it's also the realization the Online Campus will go live in a few months. Actually, its five months from today. Quoting Keanu Reeves, "Whoa."

There's a lot to do before that first service. While we have lots of great ideas, we need to identify what is possible in accomplishing before we launch. Tomorrow, myself and a few other staff will be having an all-day planning session related to the Online Campus. As well, I'm grateful that Jason Morris, Online Campus Pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City, will be joining us for the planning session. Jason has been an asset and support in the lead up to announcing the campus.

We would appreciate your prayers as we map out more specifics with the goals/big ideas, come up with a timeline through the end of January 2012, and identify the practical steps that need to happen with projects.

Here are a few more prayer requests that relate to the Online Campus.

Putting Together a Team - Recently, I blogged about a number of potential positions we'll need to fill with the Online Campus. I've been grateful to hear from a number of people about serving in one of those roles. Still, we have a lot of roles to fill. Please pray that we get connected with the right people to fill those roles.

Wisdom and Humility - I, along with many other leaders, need wisdom in launching this campus. We want to be as prepared as possible, but also need to be aware of what does and doesn't work after the Online Campus launches. If we need to change something, I would hope we'd realize that quickly and make necessary changes instead of being stubborn to change because we might have to admit we were wrong. Online church is relatively new, so mistakes may be made. I hope we can learn from these next few months and position the campus for short and long term growth, and impact , in its early stages.

Transformed Lives - We want to see lives transformed, by the gospel, through the Online Campus. It's about getting people connected in deeper and more meaningful ways with Jesus. While we're excited about CCC utilizing the latest technology and cultural trends, that isn't the end with the Online Campus. It's all about Jesus. (Hey, great idea for a message series.) It's about serving the world around us. It's about fulfilling the Great Commission.

Me - Please pray for me. I'm humbled and grateful for this opportunity to serve God, and others, by leading the Online Campus. Because of that, I'm keenly aware of how much I need to continue to grow in my faith, love and knowledge to best best serve. Some of you are probably thinking, "Yeah, we know YOU need prayer!" ;) Yep. Please pray for me and my family. I want to do my best, but not at the expense of my relationship with Jesus or my family.

Some important dates coming up that relate to the Online Campus.

August 7 - Gospel & Technology Seminar (Old Mill Campus / 9 AM / EC 178)

August 14 - Gospel & Technology Seminar (Sarpy Campus / 10:45 AM)

I'll be setting up some additional meetings where people can come and hear the latest with the Online Campus. I'll share, and then we'll spend some time praying. It'll also provide the opportunity for people volunteering with the Online Campus to get to know one another and fellowship.

Thanks again for your prayers!