DYI update on training leaders in China

As part of the CCC Double-Your-Impact vision we have created a 3-way partnership to train Christian leadership principles to Christian leaders in China. Below is the latest report on this years progress.

Through the partnership with CCC, Global Partners in Hope (GPiH), and Crown College, two classes were conducted during the month of June in Beijing, China. Class one was a repeat of the first class from April on Transformational Leadership. Sixty-one students attended the class taught by Dr. Donald Young and Pastor Tim Perry. A second class was taught by David Carl, a U.S. businessman and ministry leader living in Beijing. The second class, entitled Team Building, was attended by 45 students, some of which had also taken the first class.

Both classes saw a mixture of business owners and church leaders, and some of the leaders even brought with them company employees. Ninety percent of those attending are Christians working in local churches in Beijing. The course, Transformational Leadership, really equips local leaders to teach these principles in both the work place and to their local churches. The students represent leadership from 15-20 Beijing churches with an average church size of 70 people attending these churches. Today, based upon the figure we have, we can estimate conservative figures of people impacted through these two courses is around 1,000 people in local churches.

Here are some statistics about these courses so far:

Attendance: Students enrolled in the program to date are: Transformational Leadership 110, Team Building 45.

Demographics: Fifty percent male, fifty percent female, age group 25-40. All these students are living and working in Beijing. Ninety percent of the students have finished their undergraduate degree, primarily in business.

Outcome: Students have already begun implementing the material into their work plan and local church. One student has taken his learning back to his home church and has begun teaching transformational leadership to other local leaders, and having them walk through a personal growth plan. The personal growth plan is a new concept for many of the Chinese and is challenging for them. Many of the students continue to meet together as a cohort to discuss the topic of transformational leadership and team building.

Learnings: The program is on target to teach seven more classes by the end of the year. Two more classes are being finalized and will be tested, Strategic Leadership and Multiplying Leaders.

Crown will be sending their curriculum specialist to Beijing in September to review and evaluate the course work being taught. We are continuing to refine the class work and measure learning outcomes from the curriculum. We are looking at changing the format from a weeklong evening class format to an intense three-day format.

Overall, we are further along in the program than we imagined we would be at this point, and the student interest continues to grow with each class.