Update from CCC team in Guatemala

This is an update from the CCC short-term mission team serving with Norman & Vickie Sutton at their orphanage in Guatemala. Hola Iglesia (hello church)

It is officially half way through day four of our missions trip and boy is God working some magic! Thursday night we all went to church in San Andres, which is the village that the orphanage is located in. Normally the service is an hour of worship music and an hour of sermon. This Thursday however, ended up being a full service of worship. Our group got up with the locals and danced the whole time with them. At the end, Norman went up front with the pastor and spoke a little about our group and why we are here in Guatemala. The pastor said he can see the love of God shine through all of us, and for that he thanks us. It was something that none of us will ever be able to fully explain.

Friday morning we went into an aldea, which is a school and we did our hair ministry. I think we washed, cut and styled 20 kids hair. It was such a personal and simple thing for us to do but the appreciation from everyone was incredible. That afternoon we had our first day of VBS and we remained flexible. I think the kids really enjoyed it. Today is Saturday and we went into another village about thirty minutes away, to where a new church plant and did another morning of hair ministry, we also did a skit to the song Everything by Lifehouse. It was not only moving for the village but also for the team.

This afternoon we are doing another class of VBS. Our team is healthy and being as productive as possible. The mountains and scenery here is absolutely stunning and the food is pretty wonderful as well. Thank you for your continued prayer, we hope to make kingdom impact here at Hogar de Vida.

Love and God Bless-

Guatemala Team 2011