introducing Eric Carpenter

I want to introduce to you Eric Carpenter, the newest member of the Outreach team at CCC. Eric has been working on our team now since the end of April and will be focused primarily on missions activities in the Omaha area.

How Eric even got to Christ Community is very much a God story. Eric moved to Omaha from Kansas City because he felt God called him to move here for some reason, even though he did not have a job waiting for him. Then, because he had heard of Christ Community Church through a friend, he just showed up one day and wanted to meet with somebody to learn more about what we do in missions.

Turns out that I was just beginning the process of looking for someone to add to my team, so Eric got an interview and it was pretty clear that God brought him here just for this job!

Eric has a great ministry background, having worked for ministries such as Sporting Marvels, Youth with a Mission, and Youth Works. In addition to his new job responsibilities here at CCC, Eric is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Theology.

Honestly, you won't find a more friendly, outgoing, and genuine guy than Eric. I am so excited to have him on our team to see how God works in him and through him as we seek to impact Omaha for Christ.

You can connect with Eric on email at or find him on Facebook by searching for "Eric Carpenter Christ Community Church".