Back in action, been out for a couple of weeks

Wow a lot has been happening in my world that I can't wait to comment about. I've actually been in China for the past 15 days and have returned to a pile of backlogged work. New posts will be coming on that.

Also some reflections on the passing of a parent and what it means to be with a parent during their last days. I was so humbled at what I saw in my mom and have a few thoughts share about that.

Sprinkled in with all the transition more stories have been coming in from the May Intersections class. I'll update the blog with those as well. Hope Summer is moving along OK with you and that you had a great Father's day. My 9 year old son and my wife took me to see Thor! Hmm, come to think of it I have a few thoughts about that movie too!

More to come soon!

Tim Perry

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