Peru team update - God is bigger than Satan!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, only four of the six members of our medical team arrived in Peru last Sunday. We lost one member to an urgent medical problem last week, and then lost Dr. Martha Pinto at the airport in Lima, because she didn't have a visa. As a citizen of Honduras, she asked at the Peruvian embassy if she needed a visa to enter the country long before her trip, and was told that she didn't need a visa. But, when she arrived, immigration refused to let her enter the country, and sent her back to the USA!

Not one to give up so easily, Martha scurried around Atlanta the last few days and now has a visa stamped into her passport and is scheduled to fly back for free (Fly Delta!) tomorrow night to join our team for the rest of the medical campaign!

The team had their first day performing a medical clinic and it went very smoothly. As the medical team saw over 320 patients, the local church Pastors minister to the waiting patients and tell them about Jesus. The first report is that many made decisions to follow Christ.