Peru team difficulties

Every once in awhile we have a short-term mission trip that seems to struggle from the very beginning, and that's how I would describe the short-term trip that is happening right now in Peru. Last Saturday a group of medical people from CCC left to work with Dr. Allen George in Peru to perform a medical outreach where people will receive medical care and hear the gospel. But this trip has been a struggle from the very beginning.

To begin with, for some reason I just had a hard time recruiting people to go on this team. There was lots of interest, but a lot of people said they just couldn't make it work this time. I was close to cancelling the trip until at the last minute the team size grew from 2 to 6 peole.

The team has trained and worked hard to get ready, only to have one of the team members, the team Pharmacist, need emergency surgery a few days before the trip - so she was out!

Then one of the team members, a doctor who is a citizen of Honduras, got turned away upon arriving in Peru and had to return to the US.

All of this leaves the team short-handed but it also makes me think that Satan has been working over time to distrupt this trip from the very beginning. God no doubt has great things in store for this ministry, so please pray that they will accomplish God's mission and for God's protection this week as they minister.