Reid Brown Week 5 Proverbs Journal Post

Proverbs 29:25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.

God places a unique desire in the hearts of men to engage in a battle worth fighting. Deep down inside a man wants to make a difference and be the kind of guy that can come through in a bind and deliver in the pinch. Having the courage to fight well for the things worth fighting for is fiercely opposed by the forces of evil. For when a man stands strong, it’s an incredibly powerful force for good. This passage warns us of the snare that prohibits a man from stepping out at taking risks in the battle. The fear of what man may do against one who stands for God can be both physical and mental. I believe the bigger battlefield occurs in our minds as we fear what others may think or say about us taking a stand. This fear causes worry and anxiety over potential loss.

The contrast to this fear is trust – trust in the Lord. When a man demonstrates trust in the Lord, there is protection over our minds. The mighty Lord provides his armor, a helmet to keep our minds protected from the attacks from fear. I’m challenged to demonstrate my trust in the Lord by expressing that desire of trusting Him and stepping out into the difficult situations that I may shy away from. One of those difficult situations that come to my mind recently is the need to loving confront sin in another person’s life. The fear of rejection, loss of friendship or being misunderstood stand in my way.

Lord, help me to grow in your strength and perspective. I want to be bold in sharing and leading for your glory. Release me from fear and assure me that I will be safe in your hands.