Bring items for Mali this Sunday

On Sunday, May 22nd, CCC will be sending a large sea container to Mali full of medical equipment, medical supplies, a small tractor, a large tractor, laptop computers, chicken coops, audio-Bibles, baby clothes, blankets, and much, much more.
These items are headed for the Women & Children's hospital and for Bethal Bible College.
As you might imagine, there is a lot of space to fill around things like the tractors, so we asked our friends in Mali - "What are the best things for us to send to fill the empty space that will be a blessing for your team?"
Well, their answer is highlighted in the pictures below:
Mali give all

Thats right, you can bless the missionaries in Mali by helping us fill the container with toilet paper, paper towels, and boxes of cereal (any kind of cereal except corn flakes).
Bring one or more of these items to church on Sunday, May 22nd, and drop them off in the Atrium. We will use these items to fill all the empty spots in the container and in about three months it will arrive in Mali.
You only have one Sunday to bring these items, so please don't forget!