Brian Shaffer Week 3

Proverbs 20:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Plans plans plans. Man surely does have plans. I’ve got plans for work, plans for play, plans for chores and plans for the future. There’s plan A and plan B and even plan C and D if needed. We think about plans, we change plans, we cancel plans. we even make plans to make plans. We despair when a plan falls apart or falls short but feel victorious when a plan falls together. No matter what we think about our plans they will only succeed if they are part of God’s plan. It’s hard to know or see his plan most of the time until you’re part of it. Once you get inside the plan, God is great enough to reveal parts of the plan to you in order to encourage you to keep on the plan. There’s a part of me that believes God finds nothing more humorous than OUR plans. Woody Allen I think said “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” Like the five year old in the booster seat telling Daddy where to drive on the family vacation. The youngster’s plan is fulfilled as long as it goes along with Dad’s plan. It is truly a merciful father that loves us very much to put up with all of our plans and listening to prayers about all of our plans. “Seriously?!? Really?!?” he has to say when he hears of our plans for our lives. “Why would you want to do that when I have this for you?” has to be in his thoughts so often. I wandered off the plan many years ago and feel so blessed that he has found a way to get me back in the plan. I don’t understand it and I’m ok with not knowing every detail about where I am going or what will happen. There are some directors that movie stars want to work with so badly that they won’t even ask what the script is about when they hear who is directing. They know the director does good work and they want to be part of it no matter what part they play. I want to be like that. I want to play a part in God’s plan no matter how small it might be. I just want to work for him because I know in the end I will be happy to have just been a part of it.


Lord, thank you for including me in your plans. I know I don’t always stick to them or follow them faithfully as much as I know I should. You have one plan for all of your children while your children have more plans than hair on their heads of breaths in their lungs. Lord, I ask that you give my eyes the ability to see maybe not the whole plan but the next step I should take clearly I’ve felt lately that you are making parts of the plan clearer to me and I am grateful so very grateful to be included. Please keep my heart in synch with your thoughts Lord and give me strength to follow your plan and help me realize that your plan is so much more detailed and perfect than any of mine could ever hope to be with a better outcome than I could ever dream. Don’t let me forget that it is for your glory that I follow your plan and not my own. I love you Lord and thank you.