Meet Phil Bredehoft

My name is Phil. I came to accept Christ as my savior in 2004 as a 22 year old man who had just married while finishing my enlistment in the United States Navy. I had grown up in a non-practicing catholic household. On September 12, 2001 I declared myself an atheist in light of the sinking feeling that there would be sacrifice I would make for my country that I would never sacrifice for a god.

All the while I spent three years as an atheist, there were many people in my life who were willing to meet me where I was at, and not try to “save me” as I saw it. These people understood that it was important to leave room for God to work, and He did. Since finding salvation in Christ and more so trusting in Him, I have come to realize that every good thing comes from God – even when we have stopped acknowledging Him – and the tiniest of details are what He uses in our lives to guide us.

My wife and I have been attending Christ Community Church for a little over a year and half, and very much feel blessed to be part of a church that offers so much to people across the city and around the globe. In my daily walk with God I try to notice the smaller details of God’s work in me and around me, and I desire to be part of a Christian body that meets people where they are at and remembers to leave room for God to work.

Week 1 Journal: Proverbs 3:3

Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart NKJV


In understanding that truth is different than trivial knowledge, truth is not forgotten the same way that one might forget what order the planets are in; it is not a memory, it is something that is alive and needs nurture to remain vibrant. I can claim my faith as a believer in Christ but if I do not walk a deliberate path, then the enemy of God will distract and deceive me. It is of utmost importance to remember God’s mercy and to write the truth on the tablet of our hearts and carry it with us where ever we may go.


My application for this verse focuses specifically on writing the word of God on the tablet of our hearts. By reading scripture, copying it down, and committing it to memory I am prepared for several occasions and am filled with joy in each one of them. When I read scripture I feel like I am allowing God to communicate with me, allowing Him to use the words of the Bible to guide my thoughts, intentions and actions. When I copy scripture down (journaling with S.O.A.P. format) I feel as though I am pleasing God by focusing on a specific verse or central idea from a chapter, and in turn I am pleased to take time to meditate on one specific idea and look at how it is connected to other verses I have read. When I have committed scripture to memory I am filled with joy that I am able to keep that scripture with me to reference it when witnessing (aka talking with “normal people”), talking with another Christian, rebuking the enemy of God, or simply to use in prayer or in time I spend dwelling in God’s splendor and intentions.


To those who have not accepted Christ and found their way through this writing by mere happenstance I would offer the advice that you ask/pray to God that He would work within you to have His truth revealed to you.