Meet Brian Shaffer

If you have ever listened to talk radio you may have heard a caller describe himself or herself as “long time listener, first time caller.”

That pretty much describes my relationship with God. I was involved in church growing up. The family went to church together, I enjoyed being in choirs and youth group. In college, I helped lead the Jr. High youth group and was a counselor at a week long church camp for a few summers. I felt good about God but there was something missing. I didn't know what it was but I was incomplete. Eventually that incompleteness allowed me to drift away. I drifted away in part trying to fill that hole and the more I tried filling it the bigger the hole became and caused me drift even further away.

It wasn't until my girlfriend (now fiancé) brought me back to church that I started to see how big that hole had become and that church felt like it was actually starting to fill it. Eventually we ended up calling Christ Community our church home. It was during the RISKS class that I met Reid and we began a discussion that showed me that even though I had been around God during my life I hadn't accepted Christ into my heart as my savior. I finally filled that hole in February of this year by asking Jesus into my heart and I have never been happier in my life.

I identify with that first time caller. Listening to God all these years but not really participating, afraid of not doing something right or being concerned about having my voice heard. Reid and I read and journaled through Proverbs last month just the way Mark has challenged the church to do. So I’m re-reading the word of God and looking through my journal as we go. Contributing to this blog will be a challenge for me, I feel pretty ‘young’ and don’t feel like I have a lot of answers and even my journal entries are a bit of a mystery to me just a month or so later.

God has put a lot of things in front of me to get me to this point and I am convinced that he’s not setting me up to fail. I’ll listen and God will give me the words to share. I’m looking forward to examining Proverbs again and I’m hopeful that we will all get some new insight.

As the callers also say on the radio, “Love the program, Thanks for taking my call.”