Vicki's Story

From an early age, around 9, when my father died suddenly, I began to wonder about the meaning of life and death, God, truth. Being raised in a traditional Catholic home, I did and said what I was instructed to do in order to stay "close" to God, but never got to know Him personally.

My journey let me to investigate many other so called "truths," none of which led me to assurance of heaven or if I was right with God. It was April, 1974 in Mexico where I was doing my student teaching that I met a girl who had gone to the same girls' Catholic college in Kansas. I hadn't seen her for a couple of years since I transferred to another college my junior year. She "happened" to be at the same bus station our group was at. She told me she had become a Christian and was on a missions trip. Initially, I took offense to her statement, since I thought all Catholics were Christians. However, after hanging out with her group for a couple of days I began to ask questions.

I had been waiting for an answer to the hole in my heart. Jesus was a perfect fit, the answer to all my fears, doubts and questions, the lover of my soul and the Father I had longed to know. He is everything to me!!!