City background, churched but not connected/committed to God. USAF, married, no church/God. Rome, NY -> wife a true Christian. Doing well, comfortable -> sensed an unmet need plus unequally yoked (she had something I didn't) -> friction.

Pastor offered Christ to meet needs. Taught gospel of salvation: All are disobedient to God, penalties of disobedience, Christ paid penalty, all need to accept Christ. My pride wouldn't let me take last step. Vacation to Disney World -> anger at wife trying to "change" me. Not really her but God -> He was calling, I didn't want to answer.

May 92 -> finally answered. Now, I see God's calling to me & how He's worked/working. Still ongoing, I still disobey but now I know God forgives thru Jesus. My deep need met by knowing my future's safe in Jesus & I have eternal life - a free gift everyone can have.