Celebration Week!

This is the week that changed the world. Jesus came into his final moments not on a big White Horse in a parade –as he deserved – but on the back of a donkey, just as the prophets said. He was confronted, forced to go through a mockery of a trial, critiqued, found innocent, but sentenced anyway. After the beatings, they crucified him, just as the prophets said.

While hanging on the cross, he cried out “It is finished!” and breathed his last. What was finished? His mission, his sacrifice, his journey to planet earth, his humanity… it was finished in that moment. By Jesus suffering, he identified with us in our pain – just as the prophets said. By Jesus death, our load of moral garbage was paid for. No longer would we have to carry guilt or offer sacrifices. We could be free once and for all – just like the prophets said.

All of world history came to a semi-climax in this moment. The climax of pardon and freedom and eternal joy came to humanity. The justice and mercy of God met in a single moment at the cross - just as the prophets said.

But it was only the semi-climax because there was the sadness of a dead messiah mixed in with the payment for our sins. Is this really how it ends? Does death beat Jesus? No way!

The ultimate climax came on Sunday morning when the women, then the disciples found an empty tomb with a hollowed out burial cloth. Jesus had risen! He had risen indeed! Now we are free from sin AND death! Jesus made a way to be reconciled to God and made good on his promises of eternal life - just as the prophets said. It starts now, and we celebrate it with all we have!

We will see you this week to celebrate his death and resurrection. Good Friday services will be an artistic and musical montage that helps us remember the greatest sacrifice in history on our behalf. Friday at 7pm in the Old Mill Worship center.

We will have nine Easter services this year! Our seven normal services will take place. 9am and 10:45 at our Sarpy campus, Access and the Worship Center. Our Douglas County Jail location will have their very first CCC Easter service. In addition, we will have a 6pm service Saturday night in Access, identical to the Sunday services. Sunday morning at 7am, there will be a ‘sunrise’ service in the worship center.

We expect thousands of visitors and guests this weekend. If you are a CCC regular, would you consider coming to the Saturday evening or sunrise services in order to make room for our visitors to get a great experience being exposed to the power of the resurrection?

I pray that this week you are able to focus on the power of Jesus and all he has accomplished to carry his revolutionary kingdom to our lives!