Alyssa's Poem

Sunday morning, Alyssa Hicke, age 13, gave me this poem. She told me that she trusted Christ with her heart and her future about 3-4 weeks ago and wrote this poem as she thought about all Jesus did for her. I thought you might like it.

On the peak of Calvary hill, You shall wait you shall be still

Still to wonder, still to find, to find the one who lived and died

He lived and died to give us hope, He'd watched us wander, watched us cope

Greater find and tragic loss, we just couldn't pay the cost

The cost was that of the divine, we the branches, he the vine

Us humans here, we're not too smart, He wanted us to see his heart

One in mind, pure like a dove, The Father want to share his love

Jerusalem, at Zion's mount, He'll stand there, but not without

Those of us close by his side, We who knew why he had died.

He was there upon the cross, He gave the gift, paid for the loss

He waited for the Father's sign, Though tortured body, he never whined

Until he said that it is done, Our souls were saved, teh fight was won

The price of sin, the debe was paid, When Jesus in the tomb was laid

Our God's own son, he died for us, While we stood there, consumed by lust

We were there that fateful night, Treason at its highest height

Shouted to Pilate, kill him now, Let murderers go with joyous sound

Cut dogwood tree, made crown of thorns, Heaven's gate closed with sound of horns

Pilate knew the truth and told the lie, Our blood-soaked hearts were satisfied

Iron nails and spear thrust through, Despite our thoughts we weren't true

We didn't care, it was our sin, That held him there, just like the wind

I know now, and you should too, Jesus and God alone are true.

Way to go Alyssa! You are the dream come true!