God loves Africa

If you read my blog you know that a huge sea container sent from CCC full of medical equipment, medical supplies, and other stuff arrived at the hospital in Mali a couple weeks ago.

Today I just received this encouraging email from the hospital's Medical Director and primary physician, Dr. Dan Nesselroade.

I just had one of those surreal, God loves Africa moments today. Having just realized that we were flat out of fetal monitor paper in labor and delivery, Ed calls me and asks if I can come over and look at a box of stuff that came on the CCC container. Inside was about a year's worth of fetal monitoring paper that corresponds to the machines we are using (which in itself is no small miracle). God is a genius. Thanks for all you are doing to push us forward. Please carry my thankful heart to anyone who will listen.

We just do what we can, but God does the real work!