Die for a Lie!

Christianity is absolutely inexplicable without the historical reliability of the resurrection. Did Jesus himself die a mere tragic mortal death. If so, Christianity is a religion of fools shouts the apostle Paul from the pages of the new testament documents themselves.

If Jesus died for his own lie (being one with God, claiming to be the long-expected Messiah of the old testament) what does that mean for his followers? They are to be the more pitied for their lack of sanity! If they knew Jesus lied, what do we make of the fact that many of them went to their deaths believing the same lie? How far does this lie stretch? How far could it? Wouldn't someone who knew better go on record as saying such?

If Jesus didn't in fact raise from the dead, what are the best explanations we have available to us? How do these possibilities stand up to the evidence? Tomorrow we begin a three week investigation into the resurrection of Jesus at Gathering, CCC's lunch apologetics and seeker forum.

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