If you aren't Asking, You aren't Learning!

Jesus Class is an inexhaustible trove of wisdom for anyone who experiences it. The key is Questions. It's all in the questions. If you're expecting some slick communicator to put transformative truth in your mind without you raising a finger to either figure it out or make it work, you're just as deluded as the people in Jesus' audiences who blew him off!

Blowing off Jesus is the absolutely worst thing a human can do. When he talks, people listen. If they don't they won't get a thing out of it. The sure sign of listening in Jesus' day and ours was provocation.

What do I mean by provocation? If your mind, will and emotions are completely in neutral, you will not have ANY questions. The art of a truly great teacher is to take us into the zone of something we don't know. Stuff we don't or won't accept. Then leave us there till our hearts and minds start twitching with questions, objections or conflicts. Tension has to exist between what we've always thought and something new that legitimately challenges us. Otherwise we just recycle what we think we know.

Jesus taught like that. If you don't think so, you have never read Mark's Gospel. Or you've done a bad job reading it. OR pity the fool who thinks "I've heard all this before."

How dare any of us today think we can breeze through the pages of the New Testament Documents and NOT trip over the claims of Jesus. If the people in his own hometown wanted to throw him off a cliff, how much more should we be filled with questions and tension over what he really said. Did you hear that? People most familiar with Jesus wanted to kill him!

Luke 4:16-30 Jesus Thrown Over a Cliff at Nazareth? (read if for yourself)

By contrast, the disciples in Mark chapter 4 approach Jesus after a sermon about seeds. "What was that all about?" was pretty much their question. They were rewarded for tracking down the teacher during office hours. Rather than ignore Jesus, or try to kill him (Pharisees and Nazarites) true students seek out the teacher and asks questions.

Ever read anything about Jesus that puzzles you? Follow through. Ask. Don't stop asking till you understand! Don't let it bug you if Jesus bugs you. That's how its supposed to be!