Shon Hopwood, at age 24, was sentenced to prison for armed robbery of 5 different Nebraska banks. During his 11 years, and with plenty of time to think, his life changed dramatically.

He learned the law as he found an incredible aptitude for legal research and writing. He develooped expertise in Supreme Court law. He authored two petitions that were granted by the Supreme Court. (Note: only one percent of all petitions are granted, and almost never if they were written by a prisoner without the help of an attorney!) His life would be totally different when he was released at age 35.

He also researched Jesus while in prison, utilizing his legal skills to weigh the evidence for his life, claims and resurrection. He read like crazy - including books by Josh McDowell, written much like the law books he was reading all day. Shon found that Jesus was in fact the way to God. He reached out to God for forgiveness and strength and power.

He also wooed "Annie", the most beautiful girl from his hometown of David City, Nebraska. Eventually, they were married and had a beautiful son. In a stroke of pure genius, they named him "Mark".

This remarkable pair (or trio, if you include little Mark) is just one of the amazing treasures in the family of Christ Community Church. Shon and Annie were baptized by their long-term friend and CCC member Marty Barnhart - who helped Shon find a relationship with Jesus. Shon is now writing a book, speaking at places like Harvard and getting interviewed all over the courntry on his remarkable story.

The Saturday Evening Post writes this article:


What a great story of a dramatically changed life. Enjoy!