American Idol Preferences

I like the idea that American Idol gets down to 12 from 24 so quickly this season. It definitely keeps it from dragging on and on. I am also in the minority that I love the judges this year. The tiresome chip on Simon's shoulder and unpredictability of Paula's response had become banal at best. In contrast, Steven Tyler is a truly and genuinely likable guy who really seems to root for the young singers. Jennifer Lopez is charming and insightful. I have found that their experience as judges is similar to what I am seeing. In past years, I often wondered what the judges were watching.

If I could pick based on the people who are still in, I would pick Scottie McCreary among the guys. I am not a big country fan, but I love his Randy-Travis country style. I also love his charm and character. He seems like a guy that would be good for kids to look up to. I was especially respectful of him when he publicly apologized to J.C. for not standing up to group pressure. Way to go Scotty!

My favorite girl is Pia Toscano. Wow! What a voice! She is the complete package. Each of her songs has been full of amazing vocal tone and powerful delivery - Not too screamy, but popping to a higher level at just the right time. She also has the charisma that makes her feel a cut above - true idol potential.

Right behind these, Ashthon Jones - Diva...Baby Diana Ross - I gotta like her because of the name. And you have got to like Casey - a complete musician with a great sense of humor. (Besides this, when you put these together, you get Casey Ashtheon... get it?)

Tim Halperin has to get an honorable mention- A guy who seems to rival Scottie in his character AND has roots in Omaha. You gotta like that.