Hosea 2, Hosea 4, Hosea 8, Hosea 10

I have decided to try doing some message recaps in the blog. It keeps me hooked into the bl0g and hopefully it will be helpful for those who missed church, get the blog and don't go to CCC or for those who are checking out CCC through the blog after the sermons have been preached.

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February 27, 2011 - Jealous God

Text: Hosea 2:2-8, Hosea 4:12-15, Hosea 8:4-6, Hosea 10:5-6

This message continued the illustration of Adultery in the marriage. God extends the paralell between Hosea and Gomer to His relationship with Israel. Idolatry is rampant. First, there is the worship of Baal - referred to in chapter 2. God is jealous of his bride and wants her back!. The analogy is extended to the calf-idols of Beth-Aven and the calf kissers who worship there. These idols, at Bethel and Dan, are actually a syncretistic combination of standard worship of Jehovah and the Baal worshippers. Hosea contends that this syncretism is detestable to God. Because he is the only true God, all idolatry must be eliminated!

When it comes to our real lives, the challenge is to eliminate our own idols. Anything that sets itself up higher that God can be an idol. It can be successfully argued that idolatry is THE sin that drives every sin. This is why it is the first of the ten commandments. Our idolatry could be related to approval needs, sexuality (as expounded in chapter 2), or money.

The most insidious challenge, however, is in syncretizing our beleifs with the prevailing world views of the day - like the calf kissers of Beth Aven. Hedonism, humanism and scientific naturalism are some of these world view challengers. However, I hammer on pluralism the hardest in this message.

Eliminate the worship of false Gods because the worship of the one true God is best for your soul. It aligns you with truth. It keeps you from self-destructive behavior. God loves you. He is the only one who died for you and rose from the dead for you. He is worthy of exclusive worship.