Hosea 1 - Go Marry a Prostitute

February 13 - Go Marry a Prostitute

Scandalous part 1 - God's Pursuing Love


Text: Hosea 1 and 3

The scandalous command that God gives his squeaky-clean prophet Hosea is to 'go marry a prostitute'. Gomer, the woman of ill-repute, is taken by Hosea to be his bride despite the knowledge that she will have affairs and have children by other men. The picture that God is drawing for the people of Israel is that He is like Hosea, and Israel is like Gomer.

The surprise of the message is that I am Gomer. And you are Gomer. Have you ever heard a pastor call himself a prostitute in the message? It happens here.

The final scandal is that - after Gomer becomes a slave - Hosea is commanded to buy her back. So, in a dramatic and emotional conclusion, Hosea gives all he has to buy his prostitute wife back. Who does that remind you of?