CCC's first medical outreach in Mali

As I posted in my last blog entry, on February 19th CCC will send 5 people to Mali to perform a medical outreach. This team will partner with the hospital for women and children along with a Malian Pastor and provide medical services out in the rural areas (called the bush).

Below is an the text from an email that Dr. Dan Nesselroade sent to the team this week to let them know what exactly they will be doing. Be praying for this team!

CCC Team,

Here is what I can give you at the moment. We plan to do three clinics. The first is on the 22nd and it will be for women and children in the village of Bobola-Zangasso. This is a village of about 6,000 people without a single believer. There is a pastor in a neighboring village named Josuee Goita. He will be following up on any converts and will be our principal host. The village is pumped for us to come and has asked that we come for two days, so the 24th we will be returning to the same village to do Men and children care. Both nights will be evangelization with a movie and sermon.

The village has the only medical care available in the precinct. That is, they are it for a surrounding 11 villages that total 15,000 people. It is highly likely that we will receive people from these surrounding villages as well. We will probably get inundated, but as long as we can provide some sort of plan to control the chaos, it will go well. We are making the plans to do just this,so don't worry about it.

Language barriers will make it just about impossible for you to treat patients alone, so your team will be doing different jobs and will be paired with missionaries or native speakers in a workable fashion. We will be able to do hematocrits and blood sugars and will have about 40 or so common meds with us, as well as vitamins and parasite treatments among other things. People will get triaged and be assigned numbers and will be seen in order after their vitals have been taken and written on index cards or some such. Different people from our staff will be going each day.

Each day we will eat one meal in the village and bring snacks for lunch. There will be so many people, that we wont stop for lunch, but rather just bang through them. Saturday we will be going to a different village and seeing men, women and children . The village is named Tempela. the pastor there is named Simeon. He lives there and has a fledgling church that has just started in the past year. This is going to be a lot of fun!

There is no greater joy or privilege than being able to announce Jesus to people who have no idea who he is or how much he loves them! Pray hard and come with lots of energy and joy, and God will carry the day.


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