Medical Outreach team to Mali

I am very, very excited about a short-term mission team we have leaving for Mali on February 19th. This small team of just 5 people will be partnering with the hospital in Mali to perform medical outreaches in small villages. So here is how this will work.

Our team will partner with the doctors and nurses from the hospital on three different days in three different villages to provide medical care. They will do this in an area where there is a local Pastor who is trying to build and grow a church. So each day, after a long day of providing medical care literally from sun up to sun down, the team will then work with the Pastor to show the Jesus film and share the gospel.

We are the first church to partner with the hospital in this way, so we are trying to use this team as a prototype for future teams from CCC and other churches. I'm sure some things will go really well and others will not, but in the end we hope to learn a lot and we hope that many Malians come to Christ.

Pray for these 5 as they embark on a new and exciting ministry in Mali for CCC. Pray that they will have the stamina for some very long and hot days. Pray that God will use this ministry to draw Malians into a relationship with Jesus.

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