Know Any God Haters?

Sounds like a pretty tactless way to put the question, Tim! It's a bit inaccurate to brand atheists as God haters - we all know most high-profile atheists railing against the very idea of God are more upset at people who actually believe in God than God himself. If in fact God doesn't exist, according to atheism, why go out of your way to hate Him?

Four prominent atheistic thinkers are the subject of our next Gathering series that launches Jan 30th at Christ Community. Together with many others they are the chief architects of what is referred to as The New Atheism. Here's the line-up and a sample of what each has written:

  • Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion
  • Author and journalist Christopher Hitchens - God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything
  • PhD in neuroscience and author Sam Harris - The End of Faith
  • Philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett - Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon

Well begin our series with an introduction to Atheism. What is Atheism? How is it different than Agnosticism? Why are there people who vehemently deny the very existence of God? How do people wind up believing atheism?

In the following weeks we'll tune into these four bad boys and listen to where they are coming from. What is the essential challenge to God each presents and how can we begin to address each one?

We'll take a look at clips from the video project called the Four Horsemen hosted by Richard Dawkins. Come join the discussion each week.

We'll conclude our four week series with a conversation that backs away from the arguments and tension to look at the practical implications of life with or without God. My fellow Gathering director Tim Anstead will give us some insight on the pathway from skepticism to belief and why our conversations with non-believers are so important.