Do Muslims Change their Beliefs to Christianity?

Now that's a pretty loaded question. Several conversations I've had lately have revolved around Islam and whether or not it's possible for Muslims to truly convert to Christianity. Most of us don't think twice about a Chinese person coming to faith in Christ. People in China are converting to Christianity faster than anywhere else on earth! But what about Muslims? Why do we see so few conversions?

Once I was speaking with a Muslim friend of mine about this and he challenged me by saying "Why do we see so many of your American Christians converting to Islam, but I know of no one converting from Islam to Christianity." It's a question that takes you off guard, at first. I mentioned to my friend that there are people who convert from Islam to Christianity - but because of the threat of intense persecution from family, conversions are seldom published! Christians tend not to track down those who seem to defect from the faith and try to have them reprogrammed. Muslims have a track record of doing just that.

In addition the event at Brookside this weekend Kamal Saleem: Story of a former Jihadist whose life was transformed by friendship, I'd recommend a very uplifting read pictured here. In The Costly Call, you'll read story after story of Muslims who meet Jesus and become Christians in the most unusual ways.

In an increasingly pluralistic setting like ours today, the seduction of universalism has never been more prevalent. People are almost outraged when reminded that NO, not all religions are the same nor do they share a common destiny for their adherents. As long as people of every ethnic group are meeting Jesus and finding their identity in him, we have absolutely no need to harmonize world religions. Jesus is sufficient! Let the likes of Kamal and these 20 individuals convince you of it!