Ashley Baer off to Peru

The following is from Ashley Baer, a young lady from CCC who on January 5th left to serve in Peru for 1 year. Ashley is working with children who live and work at a local garbage dump.

Beloved friends and family,

I am safe and sound in Trujillo, Peru. My flights were all wonderful. I was a bit nervous coming up to the day before my travel plans but on the morning of I felt great and had no stress or worries at the thought of flying.

I arrived in Lima at 10:30pm Wednesday but didn’t get to the hotel until 2:00am due to meeting others that were flying in at later times. The next day the group of us took the 10 hour bus ride from Lima to Trujillo. The bus was nice, not at all like the “Romancing the Stone” bus ride. I imagine it was a lot like Greyhound in the States – except I’ve never gone Greyhound before.

Cultural: The people are wonderfully welcoming and loving. The children love the attention us Americans give them. I’m still getting used to the food. They eat pretty heavy here: like potatoes, rice, and beans all in one meal. The climate is very dry here. I thought it would be more tropical like Florida or Costa Rica, instead the ground is mostly sandy and not much grows.

Spiritual: I’ve started memorizing Isa 43: 1-5. It’s a passage I re-discovered recently that really means a lot to me. I want to memorize new scripture every month I’m down here. Just being here has so many spiritual elements: trusting God that you told the taxi the correct place to go in an unfamiliar language, stepping out of our comfort zone to meet new people, and not caring about filth when hugging and playing with the children in the garbage dump.

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