In Intersections we’ve been experimenting with a Gospel outline that you might find helpful. A guy named James Choung has written a book and a companion booklet called True Story. Like hundreds of people before him, James is searching for a way to communicate the big story of the Bible. People find it helpful to summarize the Bible’s message in a short, visual way. I think James has done a great job.

If you’re familiar with Gospel outlines – probably the one that you hear the most about is the Bridge Illustration. A great tool. Simple. Yet not afraid to tell the story in a fresh way. One of the things I like the most about it is the emphasis on God’s mission for believers. Most outlines communicate the Gospel as a message of personal transformation. Getting saved. Getting the individual right with God. Dealing with personal lostness.

But the Gospel of the Christian Bible gives us a story that goes well beyond personal transformation. As soon as someone says “OK, God, I’ll settle – I’ll give you my soul, forgive me my sins, and let me go to heaven when I die.” God says, “Wait a minute, did you read the fine print?”

There’s a mission you’ve bought into! You’re now a part of my plan to bring hope and healing to the planet you people have been corporately tearing up for millennia! And the coolest thing about it, is that if you really get this thing called forgiveness, you can’t help but want to be involved in healing a sin-damaged world.

Give James’ Big Story a listen and give me your thoughts. I think you’ll find it pretty cool. Most people I’ve shown this to find it compelling and refreshing. Some Christians I’ve shown it to haven’t actually liked it! More on that in my next few posts.