What’s really happening in Mali

As a church, we have been focusing on the Mali hospital, an awesome ministry that is making huge inroads. this week, though, I have been at the field forum, where all of the missionaries in the whole country come together to refresh, pray, process, strategize, and listen to great Bible teaching.

What I am learning here is the breadth of the ministry that is going on. I found out that there are nine radio stations that do Biblical teaching in the local language of Bambara. Occasionally, they even play more hip music like the Newsboys and Thousand Foot Krutch.

This ministry, which I call 'The Air War', prepares the way for the people on the streets. These people are church planters, nurses, those who work with prisoners and prositiutes. In addition, there are emerging Malian pastors and nurses who are taking the word of God to the villages and the streets. This is "The Ground War".

The hospital is an amazing addition in this context. Outside of radio, Malians have almost no contact wit Christianity. Then, rising out of the dust, on a bumpy dirt road, emerges a 9 building hospital. The construction standards of the building are clearly Malian, but done with a level of excellence that is rarely seen in Mali.

When you walk in, you know it is Christian, because of the obvious Cross and C&MA logos. The check in procedure orients you well. While you wait. A Malian Pastor gives a message about Jesus. While people wait, a Jesus video in Bambara plays, then a health video, then another Christian video. While inside, you receive care that is far beyond anything in the area. Whether it is a C- section, malaria, or anything in between, the care is excellent and low- cost, even by Malian standards.

Imagine if that is your primary exposure to Jesus. He loves you so much that he sends people across the world to save your life or your babies life. It makes you want to listen more closely to the radio programs. The good news message of the video matches the love that is shown. It is all very compelling.

The next step is very clear. Train up young pastors and nurses who will be able to take advantage of the wave of momentum and build churches. It definitely reconfirmed to me that the Double Your Impact strategy that we have outlined with the Malians is the right one. May God amaze us with his goodness in Mali for this generation and many to come.

One generation will praise your deeds to another, and tell about your mighty acts! I will focus on your honor and majestic splendor, and your amazing deeds! They will proclaim the power of your awesome acts! I will declare your great deeds! -psalm 145:4-6