Hospital Dedication Timeline

70+ years ago - R.R. Brown visits Mali to make friends and share gods love. 50 years ago - CMA sponsored nursing care begins in the bush of Mali. Nurse midwives deliver babies in tribal areas without medical care.

10 years ago - vision for a hospital with full medical care for pregnant moms and babies is born. It is to be a tangible expression of the love of Christ in the middle of a Muslim community.

5 years ago - Christ Community pledges One million dollars to see the vision become a reality.

2 years ago - I visit the work for the first time, putting a roof on the fifth building. we dedicate the ground for the next three, and three largest buildings.

1 year ago - the 5000th baby is safely born.

4 hours ago - Nearing completion of the final building, a celebration commences. it is attended by The Malian minister of health, a representative from the U.S. Embassy, the mayor and some pastor from Omaha. hundreds join the formal affair and thousands gather outside the gate to welcome the diplomats and enjoy the festivities.